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PostPosted on Mar Sat 12, 2005 3:48 am : Bribes...

What can I do to bribe you to get me a sig?

- How do you want to be presented? As a dwarf...

- Any special symbols you want? Nope.

- What do you want it to say? (name? yes Server? nope Guild? yes Quote? nope Title? Sir)

- What kind of scene do you want? (anything layout you have in mind? nope Want your "mug shot" on it? sure )

- Do you want a "mug shot"? kinda sorta maybe (60x60 face picture a la stuff on the left side over there)

- If you're a Dagger, you host your own graphics or do you want me to host them for you at I wish I could but not sure how.

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PostPosted on Mar Sat 12, 2005 12:51 pm : Re: Bribes...

You want something serious, whimisical, silly, or dealer's choice?

Only bribe is reminding me, in-game, to get screenshots of ya :)

Been trying to catch up with Bri to do one and I keep forgetting till I hit the forums. :SmackBottom:
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