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PostPosted on Oct Wed 18, 2006 4:29 pm : Mylon's.sig

Heya :)

I was hopin to get a sig created for myself.. and from looking at all the sigs you've made on here.. you do Awesome work :D stellar even!

So.. was thinkin..

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was thinkin a shot of Mylon casting Aimed shot.. its a long pose I could hold, long enough for you to get a shot of that is :D

Text: maybe just "One shot, one kill, Mylon,Hunter of the Alliance"

and I'm not sure since I'm a Probie if I can have Silver Daggers under my name yet? >.< but I'm clueless about what else I might want... send me a tell in game when you have the time to talk about it :D

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PostPosted on Oct Thu 19, 2006 7:37 am : Re: Mylon's.sig

Hmm...well, if it's MC, you'll have to wait till I can get back to raiding or take them yourself. Otherwise we can setup a time if it's someplace we can get to as a duo.

If you want to go with "one shot, one kill" though, you might want to do it in a BG :) Or maybe I can composite in a dead horde with an arrow through his skull. Sort of a two-scene affair: (left) over-the-shoulder aimed shot w/ subtext "One shot..."; (right) dead horde with arrow through the body, subtext "One kill." Cliche`, true, but some cliche's are still good cliche's :)

It's your .sig so it's content is your call though.
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PostPosted on Oct Thu 19, 2006 3:52 pm : Re: Mylon's.sig

I like that!

Will have to get with you sometime in game or send you some Screenies I take.



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