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PostPosted on Feb Tue 03, 2004 11:50 am : Vincent's Sig Shop (Open for Business)

So I got this program to play with graphics and I have more fun with it than any mortal should be allowed to have... Anyway...

Who can request a graphic .sig?

Anyone wearing the Silver Daggers tag. Both Probational and Full Members are welcome.

If I'm not in your guild, can I still request a .sig?

Yes, you can request but I'm not promising -- and you'll have to find other hosting for the .sig if I do make it.

Things to remember:
- I can't draw my way out of a wet paper bag with holes at both ends and no top. I can fake it sometimes but only sometimes.

- If I need to get screen shots, I may need to eat up some of your time to get them -- size does matter so I may need to get anywhere from 5 to 30 screen shots to get the right stuff of the right size with the right timing. (think photo shoot)

- I hesitate to make sig graphics that would annoy me having to see 8 times on a page -- if you got a particular size in mind, lemme know ahead of time. I fully believe that a .sig should be interesting but inobtrusive and, in general, not take up more vertical space than 1/10th of a screen height -- nice as sigs are, I think forum content shouldn't be obstructed by them.

Things I need to know before I can begin:
- How do you want to be presented? (Do you want something whimsical? Something serious? Restrained?)

- Any special symbols you want? (Shield? Sword? Spell graphics? Particular mobs? or Places?)

- What do you want it to say? (name? Server? Guild? Quote? Title?)

- What kind of scene do you want? (anything layout you have in mind? Want your "mug shot" on it?)

- Do you want a "mug shot"? (60x60 face picture a la stuff on the left side over there)

- If you're a Dagger, you host your own graphics or do you want me to host them for you at

If you don't know the answers to all of those questions, don't worry, I often have odd ideas of my own.

What you can expect:
- I'm happy to bounce ideas around.
- I'm never "finished" I just stop working on things, so when you see one you like, lemme know.
- I'm won't get upset if I spend hours working on a "new" version and you like the old one better
- Yes I can be bribed. Brownies are best. Peanutbutter fudge will get you almost ANYthing.

What I want in return:
- If someone says "Wow, that's a cool sig!" Tell them who did it.

- If someone says "Wow, that sig *sucks*!" DON'T tell them who did it! ;)

How to get started:
- Post a new thread in this forum with the title "[your name]'s .sig" and answer the questions outlined above. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD.

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