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PostPosted on May Fri 05, 2006 11:49 am : Malorna's .sig

I will have several treats for you (all edible) if you'd be so kind as to make me a signature.

I'm interested in a sig that's the same size as Owlsflight's and Sinnedra's - and, I guess, whimsical like theirs.

On the left side, I'd like to have Malorna, my warlock, with some sort of witty saying. Unfortuantely, the only witty saying I can come up with is for my alt priest Adelheide (along with Anx's alt, Hogue the Rogue.) In that scene, I'd like to see Adelheide blabbing away, Hogue kicking her and him saying something like "/castspell Kick (rank 4) Did it silence you?"

(Because that's what happens all too often ingame).

Let me know about other ideas or if you want to talk about it more.


Anx here. Obviously, Malorna forgot how to press the "logout" button on my computer before posting.
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PostPosted on May Tue 16, 2006 2:44 pm : Re: Malorna's .sig

I'm still trying to find Malorna online to get some shots
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